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Our Work

NAME Bahujan Hitay Goa, Mapusa Goa.
Registered under Society registration Act 1860, Reg.No 48/Goa/96.
WORKING AREA Rural Areas of Goa (India).
Non-Government Organisation (NGO)

What We Do

The charity is mainly develop to serve underprivileged members of the society regardless of caste or race by providing facilities., service and undertaking projects in the field of education, health, sports, cultural activities , rural development, employment job training, community development intermediate technology and such like.

At BHGoa run hostels, Primary Education classes, Library, Computer Education, Sports & Cultural and personality development under mission education with other NGO partners working with children, their parents and communities. For the last 23 years we have been working with and for communities. In total we work in rural areas of Goa State(India).

Bahujan Hitay works with community based organizations that are helping people to escape the hell of poverty and discrimination and take their rightful place in society. Bahujan Hitay is committed to a comprehensive approach to the development of the beneficiaries. Bahujan Hitay makes a priority of helping those who are socially and economically backward to establish self-confidence and self-reliance.

The total 26 staff working for these various projects.

The work of organization has been appreciated by the general public and the government.

In a nutshell, BHGoa is available for the welfare of all, on the basic of equality, liberty, fraternity and justice.

our projects


    Many parents are not in a position to provide good education for their children due to poverty, lack awareness about importance about higher education. so they cannot afford them supportive tuitions. Many children leave school because their parents or guardian are unable to support them for study. In village situations there is often unavailability of higher education so he or she goes walks to the school; distances of 4 to 10 km per day are not unusual. Sometimes children’s educational performance is not good because their parents are illiterate, doing labor work for daily wages and living with 6 or more members of a family in a rural 20X20 foot house. As a result of this 60% students dropout of school before finishing high school.then they end up becoming domestic servants,agricultural labours or unskilled manual workers in industries.

    To provide opportunities for children facing these disadvantages Bahujan Hitay has started Two Hostel for boys and girls’ in cities in Goa, selecting sites where education facilities up to junior college level are available. Bahujan Hitay looks after the children as guardians. As guardian we make arrangements for their further studies.

    Every year 50 boys and 30 girls benefit from these facilities. Of our students, some are partially supported by government grants for food.

    We provide lodging and boarding facility for theses students. We also concentrate on our students education, health, moral, personality development and cultural development. Our Two hostels are well equipped buildings. from these one of building is on rent basis. The work of our hostels has been appreciated by the general public and the government.

    The hostels provide an important and valuable service. As a result, applications for admission to our hostels are triple the number we can accommodate.

    The BHGOA hostels have also gained a high reputation because of their connection with well-known schools and good quality education.

    Over the last 22 years 500 students have benefitted from staying at our hostels. These young people have been able to achieve success in higher education and in securing employment.


    Along with hostels Bahujan Hitay runs supportive study classes for children in 6 villages of Goa State India, whose educational performance may not be good as to IVth class medium of education is in Marathi and after Vth medium of education is in English, illiterate parents, who work as laborers for daily wages and often live with 6 members of their family or more in rural House no more than 20 feet by 20 feet. In this area many of the families’ breadwinners are addicted to alcohol. These difficult environments affect children’s minds and capacity for study badly.

    Bahujan Hitay provides educational support for these students who find themselves in these difficult situations. As well as providing a quiet space, tutors, and stationery also provide library facilities. Bahujan Hitay not only concentrates on the education of students, but also on health, moral and cultural development. We arrange different types of lectures, games and programs to stimulate the latent talent and potential in our students. Over 120 students are benefited from this program every year.

    Many students, who have completed higher education, have expressed their gratitude for this support service.

    BHGOA does not want a superficial relationship, but to work on root causes to obviate poverty and discrimination.


    BHGOA is committed to a comprehensive approach to the development of the students. Through hostels and study class projects we provide regular programs in career guidance, personal development, co-curricular activities and support to children in developing their special talents.

    Parents and Caregivers Approximately 2,200 parents and caregiver are gaining confidence in their abilities as adult and adolescent learners and by participating in the sessions, they are able to self-consciously make choices and decisions; understand the values of both the home culture and the evolving global culture; and operate effectively in both cultures. They demonstrate their leadership by practically moving ideas to action individually and in small groups to improve their home situations, their communities and their own lives. As a result they nurture their children’s learning through positive interactive play.

    Library At project center we have a special library with approximately 1,900 books including religious, spiritual, cultural, novels and children’s story books. The library is doing well. Being a quiet place, students from the local vicinity utilize the facility, especially during exam periods. However, we are trying to create more publicity about the library, to reach more beneficiaries as they are storehouse of knowledge.

    Same time Our funding partner Smile Foundation, Mumbai has delivered nearby 150 books for library. Their main intension is to students take benefits of these books for developing their reading, writing and thinking ability.

    Sports & Cultural Activities At the present time we believe there is little in society that helps the younger generation to develop skill in leadership, unity and teamwork. And it is not easy to encourage the younger generation even though we arrange various awareness programs. Younger people tend to want thrills and excitement in their lives, so they experiment looking for this sort of thing. In this situation things can go wrong leading to emotional distress, physical disorder, addiction and wrecked lives.

    We believe that it is our social and moral responsibility to help young people to utilize their skills and strength to create a bright future. We find that most young people are interested in cultural and sports activities and we can connect with them through these projects.

    Through our cultural program we teach children, according to their own individual interest, arts such as dance, drama, drawing, and reading.

    We are also running Karate programs. Our programs are located at Mapusa Goa. Many of the children benefit from this project.

    By this program, we highlight their natural, logical ability and support them in their moral education, social conscience and the awareness of the meaning and purpose of life.

    Computer Education Computers can potentially enhance students’ mathematical thinking, and improve scores in problem solving and critical thinking tasks. Computer education also plays a major factor in students’ ability to score highly on their standardized assessment tests. Due to e-learning the children find their subject matter more interesting and fun to learn. This enhances their cognitive level. Keeping in mind all this fact we have started Computer education in our hostel in collaboration with smile foundation Mumbai to explore their nonverbal skills.