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Donate Us

For the last 21 years we have been working for the benefit of weaker socio-economic sections of Indian society. We are working to create a casteless society in which there is no poverty. But we've learnt that permanent change in the lives of underprivileged society is only possible when we tackle the root causes that continue to keep underprivileged people in society uneducated, hungry and frightened of oppression and violence.

To complete this holistic work, we need your help and invite you to contribute by providing us with a donation. Your contribution will lighten the future for someone else.

Donate a regular amount

Giving a regular donation monthly, quarterly, semester or yearly is the best way to support the BH Goa. It helps us to help our beneficiaries by supporting our financial planning process.

Donate a fixed amount

To give a fixed amount by cash, cheque or Demand Draft, please pay order in the name of Bahujan Hitay Goa.

Other ways to help

You can donate in kind by giving us clothes, or stationary and educational material for the children we are working with. You may be able to use your talents in the project of your choice.

How Can You Help Us?

Your participation

BHGOA runs with the help of different types of peoples who contribute with money or in kind or in time, or by sharing their valuable knowledge and skills. Your involvement makes you one person among others who have given a contribution for BHGOA’s holistic work.


If you found that any of Bahujan Hitay’s project are connected to your aims and object and you would like to support them, you can choose to support a whole project or a just a part of a project. The project should focus on educational, health, vocational training, sports and cultural.

BHGOA has intends to continue to established well-equipped Hooter Schools with all the necessary facilities to provide better education.

For more information on participating in Bahujan Hitay’s work for change in society, please contact the BHGOA office or write to us at: