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  • Bahujan Hitay Goa, H No. 378/A4, Shetiya Wado Dhuler, Mapusa Goa 403507

At a Glance

Who we are

India is multi lingual, multi religious and multi-cultural state. India’s independents in 1947. Goa liberated from Portuguese rule in 1961.

The total population of Goa is nearby by 14 lakhs with 2 % population of sheduled caste and 11% population of scheduled tribes. However before 1961 the overall development that took place in Goa was only limited to urban areas hence the rural development was lagging behind even before 1961 and after that also people are routinely denied basic human rights including access to education, healthcare, legal protection and decent livelihoods.

Due to which educating children from a poverty background is a great task.

It is because of this reality that Bahujan Hitay Goa (BHGOA) works to provide facilities to encourage people in society to develop their innate potential as human beings to the fullest. We provide such facilities, open to all Indian’s regardless of caste or race, to enable them to gain the full spectrum of human rights. BHGOA is a voluntary registered Goa committed to serving needy people from socio-economic weaker sections of the society in India.

our mission

Bahujan Hitay Goa’s mission is to provide equal opportunities, for the comprehensive development of our beneficiaries. The project focuses on educational, health, cultural, moral and entrepreneurial development. Our services are available for the welfare of all beings.

We are fostered to the creation of an ideal society based on the values-Equality, Liberty, Fraternity, Morality and Justice.

our Values

  • BHGoa is a group of people who choose work together, cooperatively, & collaboratively with integrity and passion and to respond with sensitivity and compassion to complex situations.
  • We are a home-grown Indian movement working through ethical and moral action for socially and economically underprivileged groups in society and to enable them to claim their full spectrum of education rights.
  • We are organizationally and financially independent from other groups with the similar objects.
  • BHGOA is works in partnership with other groups, such as our donors, volunteers, or well wishers – particularly those who have the similar objects.
  • We are committed to the highest standards of accountability and transparency within our organisation.